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Welcome to

Tamarack Aerial Services

Tamarack Aerial Services, located in Brook Park, OH and headquartered out of the Ohio Aerospace Institute, is a Drone Service Provider (DSP) specializing in vertical asset inspections and modeling.

We are taking on projects that will expand the uses of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) or drones in industries that can benefit from the safety and unique data capture capabilities of this new technology.

Our team of creative problem solvers is here to assist you in finding UAS focused solutions to apply to the challenges you face in achieving your goals.

We dive into our clients’ industries to provide top quality customer service. We take the time to understand what you do so that we can develop the best solution to meet your needs!

Chad Hankins & Chris Pugh

President/Chief Pilot & VP – Finance & Operations


Safety, Compliance,
FAA Certified, Insured

We are dedicated to safety and FAA compliance and only use licensed, insured pilots on our flights that follow strict safety guidelines. 

The growth of UAS has been huge over the past few years and the regulations are constantly changing.  Unfortunately, we have witnessed many occasions where other DSPs violate the regulations surrounding our industry and we fear these actions will hurt the development of UAS. 

Please be careful when selecting a DSP to make sure that they take safety and compliance seriously.

Check out our Safety page to learn about some of the warning signs that a DSP may not be following all of the rules that would be in your best interest.

Innovative UAS Solutions for Industry and Business

Industries Served

We have over 24 years of experience in International industrial systems. We are dedicated to providing the best, cost-effective solutions to our valued customers.

If your industry is not listed or you are curious how UAS can make a difference in your work, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.  We are always interested in discussing new possibilities for our technology, it’s the driving force behind Tamarack Aerial Services.



Inspections, Infrared, 3D Modelling, Site Audits, Data for Upgrade Planning


Inspection Data

Integrate aerial collection data into your workflow safer, easier, faster

AEC drone service providers

Architecture-Engineering-Construction (AEC)

Infrared, BIM Compliance, Construction, Energy, Insurance, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil & Gas


Volume Metrics & Mapping

Volumetrics, Mapping, Infrared Imaging, Conservation, Surveying



Relationships with Trade Associations, Industry Groups, Educational & Non-Profits

We work with our partners to provide the best products and services. Partner with Tamarack!