Tamarack Aerial Services - TAS

AUG 2017

Started in Brook Park, Ohio

Tamarack Aerial Services is a Drone Service Provider (DSP) that predominately services the Telecom market nationwide. 

We are expanding into the Architecture Engineering Construction (AEC) industry to apply the experience we have gained from the Telecom market and drive innovation. 

The vast advantages and applications of drones are growing everyday and all industries can benefit from this technology.

Below you will find the bios for our founders. We’re excited to apply our expertise, creativity and innovation to this rapidly developing industry.  We look forward to discussing the challenges you face and employing our knowledge and experience from one of the toughest industries (Telecom), to find successful solutions.

Tamarack Aerial Services (TAS) is named after a lake that Chad used to visit growing up and it is a foundation for his passion and appreciation of the environment and geology. The connection to nature that he found there is something which he treasures, and he always thought it would make a cool name for a company.

Our Team Leaders

Chad Hankins

President/Chief Pilot

Chad earned his B.S. in Geology from Kent State University. 

He spent over two decades in the mining industry, working throughout North America and Africa.  He has extensive experience in on-site mining operations and a unique problem-solving skill set learned from the “make it work” attitude required in remote jobsite environments. 

Chad spent several years working for an Engineering firm serving as the remote pilot in command on a variety of large-scale projects, from high rise building inspections, dam repair and highway construction. 

After his time with the Engineering firm he moved on to ODOT, becoming the first remote pilot hired specifically to handle UAS operations for the organization. 

In addition, he has led several speaking engagements on UAS nationwide.

Chad is the lead instructor of the Part 107 training at Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) for first responders and law enforcement. 

Chad is considered by many to be a leading expert on UAS in the Northeast Ohio area and is the Executive Director (and a founding Board Member) of the North Coast Drone Alliance (NORCODA).

Chad Hankins President of Tamarack Aerial Services
Call Chad: 440-799-1434
Chris Pugh VP Tamarack Aerial Services
Call Chris: 330-620-2467
eMail Chris: cpugh@tasdrones.com

Christopher D. Pugh

VP – Finance & Operations

Chris holds a remote pilot certification, and has spent a decade in the Accounting and Finance industry working his way from a Cost Accountant to a CFO. 

He has experienced a wide variety of industries during his professional accounting career including Aerospace, Construction, Insurance, Manufacturing, Real Estate and Technology. 

Chris has built his career around strong ethical principles focusing on accountability and compliance.  

Over the last three years he has developed his remote pilot skill set in the Telecom industry becoming a leading expert on how to best capture inspection and modeling data using a UAS. 

He is also the founding Board President of the North Coast Drone Alliance (NORCODA) and currently serves as a Board Member and the Vice President of the Board. 

Chris spends a great deal of his time advocating for and facilitating the growth of the Drone industry in Northeast Ohio. His vision is to have Cleveland lead the charge in defining the industry and its impacts on economic development.

We Deliver Innovative UAS Solutions For Commercial and Industrial Applications, and Enjoy a Good Challenge!