Cell Tower Mapping & Inspections


Reduce the risk of accidents by incorporating UAS into cell tower inspection workflows reducing the number of tower climbs.

Gain visual documentation of problems allowing experts not onsite the opportunity to assist in the resolution of issues.

Don’t get left behind, integrate UAS into your workflow to stay ahead of the competition.

Drone capture of stock piles, topographic maps, site audits, design planning and more

Volume Metrics/Mapping

UAS imagery and associated software providing solutions

UAS imagery and associated software allow our customers a cost-effective solution to traditional methods of stockpile and mining inventory valuations.

Our mapping solutions allow for topography and survey data capture eliminating the costly and labor intensive conventional methods while increasing accuracy.

Architecture Engineering Construction utilizing drones for inspection and data collection


Architects Engineering & Construction

AEC encompases a wide range of industries. UAS can make working in these environments safer and much more cost and time efficient.

Tamarack Aerial Services has the know how and equipment to provide the services the AEC industry needs.

Drone thermal inspections and mapping

Thermal Imaging

See What Is Not Visible

Our high end thermal imaging systems enable finding problems not readily visible with the naked eye.

Learn how we leverage this technology as well as Infrared cameras mounted on our fleet of drones for increased inspection capabilities.