Aerial Services for Architecture-Engineering-Construction (AEC)

UAS allow our customers to capture and document visual inspection data for infrastructure and building assets while eliminating safety concerns related to conventional methods. 

Our UAS allow us to capture images of hard to reach places, eliminating the use of harnesses and scaffolding, keeping your staff safe and limiting the risk of project site accidents. 

Additionally, defects are captured through our imaging, allowing experts not on location during the inspection to review. 

Lidar, thermal and infrared UAS technology has grown quickly over the past few years greatly expanding the capabilities of drones.  We can service a large array of functions within the Architecture Engineering Construction (AEC) industries.

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Cell tower UAV inspection services

Types of potential collaborations where TAS can save you time and money:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Cost Estimating
  • Visual and Structural Inspections
  • Façade Inspections
  • Road and Bridge Inspections
  • Safety Assessments
  • Construction Site Inspections and Phasing
  • Brownfield Land Planning and Site Studies
  • Thermal Inspection
  • Marketing Fly-overs
  • Litigation Disputes
  • Real Estate Marketing
UAV aerial road construction progess monitoring
UAV Drone uses for storm damage for insurance

Modeling & Audits

UAS imaging and software allow us the ability to create models of our customers’ projects, sites and relevant assets.  These models are valuable tools when planning a design or manipulating a site for building and construction. Models are also valuable tools in BIM and can assist by creating point clouds, which can be uploaded into the 3-D environment. The data created by the drone and its flights are valuable tools when upgrading or maintaining a building and your infrastructure investments.  In addition, we can provide audits of previous and upcoming upgrades or maintenance work ensuring the work was performed in accordance with the contract. Adding UAS to the process further enhances BIM benefits, allowing multiple stakeholders the ability to visually see the job site without being on location.

UAV Drone monitoring of bridge support construction


From site surveying to monitoring the progress of construction and phasing, UAS can be a valuable tool for improving data capture to reduce costly variables associated with a construction project.  Contact us to discover how UAS can improve efficiencies during construction, upgrading of buildings and site assessments. Aerial inspections of existing buildings and infrastructure assets also provide additional data offering contractors better information to create more accurate quotes.  In addition to the benefits of BIM, by using drones to capture inspection data to build models of construction progress, or fly by at phasing to verify design intent. The technology allows the design team to be more aware of issues and rectify more efficiently.  UAS provide a competitive edge through the advantages of allowing the entire project team access to visual data, which leads to better planning and the opportunity to identify problems faster.


When deciding to construct a new building, or reviewing an infrastructure or utility project, surveying the site is an important part of the process.  UAS can provide accurate and cost-effective topographic mapping and contour mapping representations of any site to licensed professionals. We partner with local reputable Survey companies and have the ability to work directly and make recommendations for your project.  Our goal is to provide the construction company, or Surveyor, with a high quality visual representation that is far superior to traditional services. 


Infrared imagery captures the thermal makeup of building and infrastructure assets that can be incorporated into any UAS inspection.  By detecting the differences in infrared radiation, defects not seen by a visual inspection can be found.  This is paramount for identifying heat loss, faulty wiring, moisture build up and underperforming solar panels.

UAV aerial thermal inspections
UAV construction site surveys and monitoring


Power plants contain large and complex infrastructure that is difficult to inspect.  Down time to make these inspections can be very costly.  UAS can minimize, if not eliminate, the necessity to take a plant off line for inspection.  Transfer stations and power lines can also be inspected reducing cost and improving safety.


After national disasters, the Insurance industry has already witnessed the speed and cost savings that UAS can provide when evaluating damage.  Aerial inspections can also be used to improve asset assessment during the underwriting process.  Contact us to see how UAS can improve the accuracy and timing of underwriting and claims processing. 

UAV ortho mapping surveys and monitoring


Downtime equals loss of productivity resulting in costly impact to the bottom line.  Preventive maintenance is the key to keeping your productive assets working.  Aerial inspections can reduce the cost of maintenance factories and complex infrastructure assets by allowing for faster, more frequent, more detailed and less costly inspections.  


UAS are a valuable tool for inspecting damaged mining equipment and can be easily incorporated into any preventative maintenance program.  Our President is a Geologist and has experience in Civil Engineering, so we can also help create a program tailored to meet your needs and improve your ROI. They are a quick and cost-effective alternatives to getting your mining equipment back online.  Check out the Volumetrics/Mapping section under the Services tab to find out more about how UAS can benefit mining operations.

Real Estate

By embracing technology and creating marketing flyovers, you can also impress your client and easily show the property to large audiences. UAS are great tools for more than just aerial photographs of properties. As they are especially helpful for inspections of commercial and industrial properties, providing buyers with a wealth of data in a safe manner. The documentation of problems can also drastically improve the quoting process for repairs, affording contractors, engineers and architects with visual proof of the issues.

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry requires a significant amount of expensive and complex infrastructure.  Flare stacks can be dangerous for rope crews to inspect and can require plant shutdowns.  UAS inspections can replace these conventional methods safely and without necessarily taking a plant offline.  Contact us to find out more about how aerial inspections can improve safety and limit downtime.