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May 2021


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May 2021


The new Innovation District built by Aerozone Alliance protects Northeast Ohio through strategic partnership with Unified Drone Detection


Cleveland, Ohio – May 2021 – Since drones or Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are an emerging technology, it is still unregulated, and therefore poses a potential threat to public safety. Fortunately Unified Drone Detection (UDD) identified this need and created a user-friendly web-based detection solution to fill this void within the industry, addressing this oversight to keep us safer and more protected.


Unified Drone Detection partners with Tamarach Aerial Services and Aerozone AllianceUDD is proud to welcome Aerozone Alliance and its members to our network solution, blanketing a significant area in Northeast Ohio. Tamarack Aerial Services and its parent company, Unified Drone, are members of the Aerozone Alliance. We support the mission of the organization and are excited at the opportunity to collaborate and support other members. “The Aerozone Alliance is proud to be early adopters as this is exactly the type of work we like to see, and hope it inspires more innovation! – Stuart Mendel, Executive Director”


Different technologies are used to detect drone activity in the airspace, and each approach varies in their capabilities with respect to drone size and detection range. There is not a silver bullet or one size fits all approach to drone detection, so UDD has achieved a high level of security through a unique multi-layered solution. We have partnered with the industry leading software provider, Aerial Armor (est. 2015), to offer a cost-effective user-friendly subscription model as we are invested in protecting our community.


Most people aren’t aware that there is a threat, nor that there is any activity of drones in the area. UAS’s are practically invisible to the naked eye from the ground, and they’re even more difficult to see at higher elevations. The reality is that there are many, many flights every day, as the system has proven since installation of the hardware almost a year ago. The highest concentration of flights is primarily located near the airports, which definitely causes a threat to the drone industry as a whole. The value of a subscription model is that it is not only cost effective; it also provides increased integrated communications across many municipalities and key stakeholders.


Furthermore, it is difficult to regulate recreational flights, which are also increasing in quantity. This is because many hobbyists do not adhere to the safety guidelines set by the FAA, nor do they acquire a 107 license or proper training to fully understand threats, potential issues and complications. Consumers who buy a drone at an electronics store or on the retail market, may not even be aware that they should pursue a 107 certification. The UDD system can notify several individuals simultaneously via text alert avoiding inefficient communications. Both the mobile App and web-based system allow law enforcement to easily find the flight’s point of origin and exactly where the pilot is located in order to respond to the problem quickly. This is especially helpful during large events, sporting games, high profile gatherings of any kind, to protect critical infrastructure, and reduce the risk of intrusions. For more information:

About Unified Drone Detection: Unified Drone Detection is a joint venture between Aerial Armor and Unified Drone. This strategic partnership relies on the superior reputation and technology of Aerial Armor. This proven platform coupled with quality customer service and a local presence are what set our product above competitors. Unified Drone is a network of DSPs and can assist and support anything drone-related. We are working to create best practices and help shape the drone industry at large. Through this unique collaboration, we have taken the guesswork out by vetting our partners and their success. Our firsthand experience and industry knowledge will ensure the protection of your airspace and the safety of our community.


Hardware/software in place summer 2020, Query on all flights 1/1/21 – 4/20/21
Part 107 rules have prohibited flying at night without a waiver from the FAA – Max altitude is 400 feet.
Heat map below, red areas show highest concentrated flights, the blue icon shows a drone flight and will be highlighted in green.

Drone activity heat map