Volume Metrics/Mapping

UAS imagery and associated software provides a cost-effective solution to traditional methods of stockpile and mining inventory valuations.  Our mapping solutions provide topography and survey data, eliminating the costly and labor intensive conventional methods while also increasing accuracy.  Let’s discuss the specifics of your project to determine the best cost-effective use of the multiple technological options available. We are innovative, proactive and enjoy challenges to find the best solution for you.

Types of potential collaborations where TAS can save you time and money:

Types of potential collaborations where TAS can save you time and money:

  • Topographic
  • Stockpile Management
  • Site Audit
  • Cut and Fill Analysis
  • Future Design and Planning
  • Brownfield Land Planning and Site Studies
Stockpile drone inspection services


Improve safety and increase accuracy while saving time & money over the conventional methods of estimating stockpiles by unleashing the power of UAS.


UAS can quickly and efficiently aid in surveying by mapping large tracks of lands in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.  UAS data can be used to create contour and topographical maps affording end users accurate visual representations.


Drones can be use for more than just monitoring crops.  Photogrammetry can identify and model corrections for irrigation and drainage issues.  UAS imagery can also be used for developing new or modifying existing fields, providing data for projects such as cut and fill analysis.

UAV drone use in agriculture


Site preparation is an extremely important and costly part of the construction process.  UAS can offer a variety of opportunities for cost savings.  Mapping of jobsites for cut and fill analysis, drainage planning, and aerial surveying can all save you money, time and avoid costly mistakes from more accurate data.


The infrared capabilities of UAS is an amazing tool in determining efficiency, and the malfunctioning equipment for the energy industry.  The mapping of infrastructure and equipment can add valuable data for upgrading and repairing energy infrastructure.

For more specific information or to discuss a project or application call Hillary now at 415-827-6269 or email her at hlyon@tasdrones.com.


Monitoring and tracking inventory is essential to every manufacturing company but lost productivity from difficult to quantity bulk materials can be extremely costly.  Volumetrics using UAS is great way to accurately count stockpiles in a fraction of the time.


Tamarack Aerial Services leadership team has over 20 years of onsite mining experience. UAS can add value to every step of a mining or aggregate operation. From mine design, mapping and exploration to stockpile management. Drainage analysis and blast planning can be quickly identified and planned using the data provided by UAS.

UAS are a valuable tool for inspecting damaged mining equipment and can be easily incorporated into any preventative maintenance program.  Our President is a Geologist and has experience in Civil Engineering, so we can also help create a program tailored to meet your needs and improve your ROI. They are a quick and cost-effective alternatives to getting your mining equipment back online.  Check out the Volumetrics/Mapping section under the Services tab to find out more about how UAS can benefit mining operations.

Oil & Gas

Site exploration using UAS can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional surveying methods.  In addition, Tamarack Aerial Services President is a Geologist with experience in geological exploration.  UAS Volumetrics technology is a quick, safe way to manage stockpiles.


Tamarack Aerial Services partners with licensed surveyors to help them streamline the process.  Our UAS and accompanying software can make quick work of large tracks of land.  We are able to create accurate and detailed contour maps providing a visual representation of the property.  Contact us today to find out how to integrate UAS technology into improving and growing your business.

Construction progress aerial mapping video photography